Naval Cadets Office Ceiling, $9,695.34: This SO required our personnel to remove and replace a suspended ceiling and install five fire suppression sprinklers. Our project manager and site supervisor coordinated with the building occupants to perform this work with minimal impact to the USCG mission. The SO required multiple trades to include carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and fire suppression technicians.

Install Decontamination Shower, $9,501.35: For this SO, our personnel removed the existing fiberglass shower unit and replaced it with a functional unit in an operating medical facility. We worked closely with the facility manager to avoid any disruption to the operations. This SO required multiple trades to include carpenters, painters, and plumbers.

Sink Hole Investigation, $14,852.14: In 2019, the facilities engineering personnel identified a possible sink hole near the front gate of USCG Miami. We assembled a team of geotechnical engineers to investigate 107 feet of storm water pipe with a camera and the surrounding area using Ground Penetrating Radar. Our team identified a number of geotechnical anomalies and evaluated potential remedies. We made recommendations to the facilities engineering personnel and provide a detailed report.

Replace 2, 10 Ton Condensing Units, $18,476.51: For this SO, we removed the existing HVAC units and replaced them with new energy efficient units. This SO required close coordination among multiple trades to include electricians and HVAC technicians.

Office Renovation, $22,784.02: Our personnel renovated an office space to expand the footprint to house additional workstations. This SO required our team to demolish the existing ceiling grid system, repair attic access, remove abandoned wall attachments, and replace the HVAC duct system. The work required the coordination among multiple trades to include carpenters, electricians, HVAC technicians, and painters.